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    What's New

    Be it first time visitors or seasoned travellers, our calendar is packed with activities so that there is always something new to discover.


    23 Mar 2021

    MELAKA, 23 March 2021 – The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC) through its agency Tourism Malaysia is working...


    23 Mar 2021

    MELAKA, 23 Mac 2021 – Kementerian Pelancongan, Seni dan Budaya (MOTAC) melalui agensinya Tourism Malaysia menjalinkan kerjasama dengan Persatuan Pengurusan...


    17 Mar 2021

    PUTRAJYA, 17 Mac 2021 – Kementerian Pelancongan, Seni dan Budaya Malaysia (MOTAC) menerusi Tourism Malaysia buat julung-julung kalinya menjalinkan kerjasama...


    11 Mar 2021

    KUALA LUMPUR, 11 March 2021 – In an effort to promote Malaysia as the preferred destination and to boost domestic...


    10 Mar 2021

    PUTRAJAYA, 10 March 2021 – Malaysia registered a total of 4,332,722 international tourist arrivals in 2020, down 83.4% as compared...


    9 Mar 2021

    9th March 2021 – Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia through its agency Tourism Malaysia is participating in the...


    5 Mar 2021

    KUALA LUMPUR, 5 MARCH 2021 – Berjaya Hotels & Resorts (“BHR”) introduces Let’s Travel Again Pass (“LTA Pass”) to encourage...


    20 Feb 2021

    BENGALURU, 20 February 2021 – In anticipation of border reopening, Tourism Malaysia India Offices are engaging with Travel Agents Association...


    11 Feb 2021

    KUALA LUMPUR, 10 February 2021 – At the forefront of innovation, Pavilion KL is the first in Malaysia to showcase...


    8 Feb 2021

    Dato’ Joyce Yap, CEO (Retail) of Fahrenheit88 (L) with Andrew Yap, Co-Founder of BookXcess Sdn Bhd (R). Kuala Lumpur, Tuesday,...

    Perfect SOP-Compliant Date Ideas for Subangnites

    5 Feb 2021

    Don’t let the pandemic dampen Valentine’s Day! Stir up the romance by setting up the perfect SOP-compliant date at home...


    18 Jan 2021

    Kuala Lumpur, Monday, 18 January 2020 – As we enter into the new year, Malaysians are looking forward to a...

    Featured Niche Products

    Grow your business and attract more tourists with our niche products and events aimed at growing tourism numbers.

    Market Your Product With Us

    Whether you are a resort owner or starting your own walking tour, come and share with us your product and let us help spread the word.

    We're here to help you thrive.

    Start discovering Malaysia, Truly Asia

    Plan your next holiday whether for business or leisure, from night life to jungle adventures,
    welcome and experience the best Asia has to offer. Your adventure starts right here.

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